Just say the world and we’re there

Just say the world and we’re there

Just say the world and we’re there

Just say the world and we’re there

Just say the world and we’re there

Just say the world and we’re there

About Our Services

Forbes Foods is a solutions-focused company, and we put our vast industry knowledge and international product diversity to work for the nation’s largest food processors, restaurant chains, beverage manufacturers, breweries, distilleries and wineries.

  • Problem Solving

    We love a challenge. We use our experience and expertise to give you the best solutions possible.

  • Partnerships

    We are committed to our customers. Therefore, we will work with you until you get the products or the answers you need.

  • Program Management

    We pride ourselves in getting it done right, from the fields to the distribution. Let us help you every step of the way.

  • Crop & Industry Insight

    We are constantly talking with farms and processors. This gives us a good handle on crop availability, seasonality and any issues that might impact a processor's planning.

Our Philosophy

Forbes Foods is well-regarded in the industry for our ability to solve problems. We will go to the ends of the earth — literally — to find what our clients need.

  • Integrity

    Conduct business with integrity, while treating every single employee, vendor, and customer with dignity and respect.

  • Responsibility

    Recognize our responsibility to both the buyer and seller, and ensure that both sides are satisfied.

  • Solutions

    Leverage technology, talent, and hard work to create unique solutions for every customer.

  • Timeliness

    Exceed our customers’ expectations in the present, while anticipating their needs by keeping one eye on the future.

Why Use Forbes Foods?

Our Founder

James Forbes developed Forbes Foods as a supply company of frozen fruits in Cincinnati, Ohio back in 1979. In 1991, Roger Winters bought the company from Mr. Forbes, and began to diversify the product offerings. Although frozen fruit still represents one of our strongest markets, today we offer everything from anchovy paste to frozen zucchini. Our business is customer-driven, and we build our product lines according to what our customers need.


Our strategic location in the Midwest has allowed us to sell across the U.S. and to Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. We've built this hometown-focused company on the basic principles of customer service. In fact, we still service some of Mr. Forbes' original clients from three decades ago.

Customer Service and Support

Forbes Foods is well-regarded in the industry for our ability to solve problems. We will go to the ends of the earth—literally—to find what our clients need. But procurement is only part of the package. We're in the business of building long-term relationships, and we take great care to match clients with the appropriate vendors. Not only do we develop custom sources and new products, we also have expertise in locating co-manufacturers for clients who need to partner with another manufacturer to produce part or all of a product.

For Breweries Vintners Distillers

Forbes Foods provides the finest ingredients:

  • Fruit – Juice Concentrates
  • Dry Flavor Blends
  • Puree (Aseptic and Frozen)
  • Natural Flavors
  • Essences, Single Strength Juice
  • Cider Bases
  • Fruit Juice Blends
  • Finished Cider

Forbes Spirits

At Forbes Foods, we're always asking ourselves, "What's next?" We know in order to grow our business, we need to continue to expand our customer & vendor connections. We also understand the vital importance of product development; the market never stands still, and we must collaborate with our processors to create new items for current and potential customers. Finally, we're proud of our past performance, but we are eager to find fresh ways to serve our clients and vendors even better.

Thus, we bring you Forbes Spirits.

You know and trust Forbes Foods for food ingredient solutions — now you can count on us for distilled beverage ingredients...again, from anywhere in the world.

Forbes Foods provides the finest finished spirits:

  • Cognac
  • Brandy
  • Neutral Spirits
  • Vermouth


Forbes Foods brings value and cost-efficiency to the equation. We do the legwork for the manufacturers who need products and we take the guess-work out of the process. We have day-to-day experience in the field and are in constant contact with producers. Because we have timely knowledge about what’s going on with crops, we can better direct manufacturers and advise them on what is and is not being produced.

Not only can Forbes save manufacturers time and money, there is added value in working through a company that has the technical, industry, and knowledge about each product.

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